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Coastal Planned Development (PD) Permit Case No. PL22-0082
A Mitigated Negative Declaration for a Coastal Planned Development (PD) Permit to construct a 4,880 square feet (sq. ft.) one-story single-family dwelling with an attached 1,046 sq. ft. four car garage, a 452 sq. ft. covered patio and swimming pool with barbeque area on the northeast portion of the proposed building pad. The roof of the single-family dwelling will contain solar panels, which will provide electricity to the project site, and a 500-gallon propane tank for heating. Access to the site is provided by way of Yerba Buena Road using an existing unimproved 20-foot wide by 1,700-foot-long private driveway that will be upgraded per Ventura County Fire Protection District standards for access. Estimated earthwork includes 4,308 cubic yards cut and 2,835 of cubic yards fill and 1,473 cubic yards of export. Grading will consist of 2:1 cut and fill slopes and a building pad with a 2-5% gradient. Water service will be provided by an existing permitted private water well (01S20W22F02S). Two proposed 4,995-gallon galvanized steel water tanks will provide water storage for domestic and firefighting purposes. An onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) that includes two seepage pits, approximately 5 feet wide by 50 feet deep, a septic tank, and a treatment system tank would be constructed adjacent to and west of the single-family dwelling. The proposed project will permanently remove approximately 121,750.2 sq. ft. (2.795 acres) of Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas (ESHA) related to the construction of the access road, the home, and the required 100-foot fuel modification zone. Additionally, 10,890 sq. ft. (0.25 acres) of ESHA was cleared without the benefit of a permit, for a total of 3.045 acres of ESHA that will require mitigation at a 2:1 ratio (6.09 acres). Restoration of 0.25 acres will occur onsite, the remaining 5.84 acres will be mitigated through the acquisition of offsite parcels to be dedicated to Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA).
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Ventura County Coastal Planned Development Permit Case No. PL22-0082
Ventura County Coastal Planned Development (PD) Permit Case No. PL22-0082