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Liu Farms
Seven (7) A-Type 3 Outdoor license: Outdoor cultivation for adult-use cannabis under direct sunlight, up to an acre per each license. The applicant currently proposes just under seven (7) acres (304,710 square feet [sq. ft.]) of full-sun outdoor cannabis canopy area. One (1) A-Type 13 Self Distribution license The project will occur on an 158.22 acre property. The site is accessed from High Valley Rd., near Clearlake Oaks, California. Cultivation would be secured with a 6-foot fence and locked gates. The subject site and surrounding area contain rural residential land and open space areas that consist of ranches, grazing land, open space, and other cannabis cultivation farm operations.
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Lake County Liu Farms
Lake County Liu Farms
Lake County UP 20-33 - Liu Farms