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Mad River Slough Shellfish Nursery
The Project objective is to establish a shellfish nursery that will set and mature oyster and clam seed that will then be sold to farmers that will grow the shellfish to market size. The nursery would culture four shellfish species that have existing nurseries in Humboldt Bay: Pacific oysters (Crassostrea gigas), Kumamoto oysters (Crassostrea sikimea), native “Olympia” oyster (Ostrea lurida) and Manila clams (Venerupis philippinarum). The proposed project would utilize a combination of existing and newly constructed mariculture equipment. The newly constructed mariculture equipment includes a new floating upwelling system (“FLUPSY”) and a water intake raft that would be attached to existing anchors in Mad River Slough.The project is expected to be in operation year-round although there will be seasonally fluctuating pumping activity from April to October.
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Humboldt Bay Harbor Mad River Slough Shellfish Nursery
Humboldt Bay Harbor Mad River Slough Shellfish Nursery