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Gayley Towers Redevelopment Project
The proposed Project involves the demolition of an existing University-owned six-level, approximately 57,075 gross square foot (gsf) apartment building on the approximately 20,831 square foot (sf) (0.48 gross acre) Project site located off-campus at 565 Gayley Avenue, and construction of an eight-story, approximately 112,000-gsf co-living style of housing with communal living and study spaces on each floor. Co-living housing is a hybrid of dorm-style housing with community bathrooms and shared spaces for students to cook, eat, study, and socialize. The proposed Project would provide 187 bedrooms and up to 545 beds in triple-occupancy rooms, of which at least 65 percent (358 beds) would be offered as affordable beds. The proposed Project would include a central courtyard, which would be enclosed on all sides and open to the sky, and other landscape and hardscape elements would be installed. On-site vehicular parking for residents would not be provided. A service drive/garage accessed from Gayley Avenue, located at the northwest corner of the building, would provide a single parking space for service vehicles and deliveries and allow direct access for trash removal. On-site alternative transportation facilities would include a bike storage room on the ground level, as well as a designated area for scooter parking. Pedestrian access to the proposed building would be provided from the existing sidewalk on the south side of Gayley Avenue. Utility infrastructure would be installed on-site and would connect to existing utility lines in Gayley Avenue to serve the proposed development.
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University of California Gayley Towers Redevelopment Project
University of California, Los Angeles Gayley Towers Redevelopment Project