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Humboldt Reserve. Record Number: PLN-2022-17649
Conditional Use Permits for 235,008 square feet (5.39 acres) of enclosed indoor commercial cannabis cultivation, 44,064 square feet (1.01 acres) of enclosed commercial nursery, and a 2,400 square foot distribution facility. Three new commercial buildings are proposed. Building 1 will be 61,344 square feet, building 2 will be 62,208 square feet, and building 3 will be 181,440 square feet. All three buildings will include indoor cultivation, commercial nursery, and drying space. A total of 25,920 square feet of ancillary drying space is proposed across the three new buildings. An existing 4,800 square foot building will be expanded to 7,200 square feet total and will contain the ancillary onsite processing area and distribution facility. Irrigation water will be sourced from rainwater catchment and reclaimed water from dehumidifiers installed in the proposed buildings. Rainwater will supply approximately 65% of irrigation demand, and reclaimed water from dehumidifiers will supply approximately 35% of irrigation demand. Annual water usage for the entire project is estimated at 4.2 million gallons. Water storage will consist of a proposed 3.12 million gallon catchment pond. The project will require 25 year-round employees and an additional 49 seasonal laborers during peak operations for a total of up to 74 employees. Electricity will be sourced from an eligible renewable energy program through PGE from an existing power drop from a dedicated substation with a backup generator for emergency purposes only. Including all proposed improvements, the proposed project comprises approximately 381,087 square feet (8.7 acres) on a previously developed 33 acre former mill site.
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Humboldt County Humboldt Reserve LLC Conditional Use Permit
Humboldt County Humboldt Reserve. Record Number: PLN-2022-17649