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PLN2023-0027 - Jammu Logistics, Inc.
Request to permit a truck parking operation on a 19.1± acre parcel in the General Agriculture (A-2-40) zoning district. The truck parking operation is proposed to be within a 1.5± acre graveled area and will include 12 truck-tractors and 18 trailers, all owned by applicant. The applicant has installed a seven-foot-tall chain link fence along the East Barnhart Road and Faith Home Road frontage to screen the parking area. The ingress and egress for trucks will be from Faith Home Road via a new driveway. Proposed hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. No supply deliveries, loading, or unloading will occur as part of the project. The trucks will transport agricultural products such as lettuce, sweet potatoes, cilantro, watermelons, cauliflower, and almonds. No maintenance of the tractor-trailers will take place on-site. Up to 10 employees will park passenger vehicles on-site, while out on long-haul assignments. No structures will be built as part of the project. Storm drainage will be via a French drain system, to be developed within the parking area. No restroom or water facilities are proposed for employees utilizing the parking area. The balance of the parcel has been developed with a single-family dwelling, garage, and agricultural accessory building served by a private well and septic system.
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Stanislaus County PLN2023-0027 - Jammu Logistics, Inc.
Stanislaus County Use Permit Application No. PLN2023-0027- Jammu Logistics