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Maverik Gas Station and Industrial Park Project
The project requests a Zone Change/General Plan Amendment from Mixed Use to Regional Commercial for an approximately 4.13-acre portion of the site and approval of a Conditional Use Permit to allow for the construction and development of a gas station/mini-mart. The project would include an 8,952-square-foot building with fuel canopies for gas and diesel pumps. In the future, a fast-food restaurant with a drive-through lane would be developed. The remaining easterly portion of the site would change from Mixed Use to Light Industrial to allow for the development of an industrial park to accommodate future compatible uses . The site would be divided into 23 separate lots with the approval of a subdivision map. The size of the buildings is not known, but based on the proposed lot sizes, it can be assumed up to 100,000 square feet of buildings can be developed. Additional improvements include the development of a retention basin on the north end of the property. Development of the gas station/mini-mart is anticipated to occur over a six-month period. Construction equipment will vary and includes the following: • Excavators/earth-moving equipment. • Depending on the foundation system, auger rig or pile-driving rig. • All-terrain forklifts. • A man/material hoist. • Truck cranes. • Concrete trucks. • Dump trucks. • Street sweepers/water trucks for dust control. • Construction delivery trucks (typically box trucks of flat beds). • Small tools (generators, light plants, compactors, air compressors).
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City of Lemoore Maverik Gas Station and Industrial Park Project
City of Lemoore Maverik Gas Station and Industrial Park Project