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County File #CDLP21-02005 Horse Boarding and Riding Facility
The applicant is requesting approval of a Land Use Permit application to permit an existing horse boarding facility and horse-riding facility for up to 50 horses located at 2300 Cummings Road in Knightsen. All buildings and structures exist. No development, beyond establishing unpaved parking spaces (a total of 20 on-site parking spaces) and relocating four existing horse shelters to the interior of the parcel is proposed at this time. The proposed hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and the proposed hours of operation for the riding academy are 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The riding academy will have a maximum of 12 riding lessons per day (with a maximum of 6 riders per lesson). The applicant is also proposing to hold special events, which includes two summer camps, one Halloween camp, one Easter camp and two birthday parties. The maximum number of people at special events is 16 participants. The business will have three full-time employees. The project includes a Variance Permit from the Off-Street Parking requirements for: access requirements; parking lot surfacing; striping, markings, and signage; lighting; and landscaping. The project also includes an exception request in accordance with Chapter 92-6 from the collect and coney requirements specific in Chapter 914-2 of the County Subdivision Ordinance.
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Contra Costa County Land Use Permit for Horse Boarding and Riding Facility (County File# CDLP21-02005)
Contra Costa County County File #CDLP21-02005 Horse Boarding and Riding Facility