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Wasco Water System Improvement Project
The Water System Improvement and Treatment Project (Project) includes drilling four new municipal water wells to replace existing water supply wells that exceed the State of California maximum contaminant level (MCL) threshold for 1,2,3-trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP) of 0.005-micrograms per liter (mg/L), and occasionally the threshold for nitrates of 10 mg/L for nitrate as nitrogen (N). In addition, the City will install a new Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) treatment system at the existing Well No. 12 facility to remove 1,2,3-TCP; rehabilitate the existing City Well No. 2; construct two 1.0 million gallon welded steel storage tanks and booster pump stations; and install an AMI system for remote read metering. All work will be done within the city limits of the City of Wasco. This work will involve drilling, constructing, and developing four new water supply wells and equipping each of those replacement wells with a pump, motor, discharge piping, electrical and controls, and site development. The work to install the GAC system at Well No. 12 will include furnishing and installing treatment vessels, piping, and electrical and controls. The four existing well sites that are being replaced will be abandoned of all pump equipment, piping, electrical, and appurtenances. The wells will be abandoned by filling with concrete and performing all work in accordance with the County of Kern and the applicable State requirements. The property being used for new Well No. 17 will also be re-zoned from R-1-6 Low Density Residential (6,000 sq. ft. lot) to P-F (Public Facilities).
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City of Wasco Wasco Water System Improvement Project
City of Wasco Wasco Water System Improvement Project