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Getaway Campground, UP 22-28
The "Proposed Project includes the application of a Major Use Permit to establish a campground. The development would consist of short-term stay nightly rental cabins containing up to 59 dispersed portable tiny cabins for guests, Although the tiny cabins are portable for repair purposes, !hey would be permanent features onslte and would range between 142 to 176 sq. ft.; they can each accommodate 2 to 4 people. Each cabin would include a kitchen area, bathroom area, and living area, and would be placed on a gravel pad and connected to electricity, sewage, and drinking water systems. The Proposed Project has been designed lo minimize land and vegetation disturtiance, with cabins sited between existing trees. The Proposed Project includes development of Back-of-House Operational Facilities, for office/meeting space, laundry facilities, employee restrooms, employee sleeping quarters and storage. The Proposed Project does not include any permanent housing other than the existing residence. No convenience stores are proposed as part of the project. A total of sixteen (16) employees would operate the project, with up to eleven (11) employees onsite at any given time
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Lake County Getaway Campground, UP 22-28
Lake County Getaway Campground, UP 22-28
Lake County Getaway Campground, file no. UP 22-28