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Environmental Assessment No. P21-06275 for Conditional Use Permit Application No. P21-06275
Eric Vincent of Vincent Designs, on behalf of Meras Water Solutions, has filed Conditional Use Permit Application No. P21-06275 pertaining to an existing ±25,696 square-foot office/warehouse shell building on ±3.36 acres located on the north side of East Dorothy Avenue, between South Cherry and South East Avenues. Conditional Use Permit Application No. P21-06275 is a subsequent entitlement to previously approved Development Permit No. P18-03647 (approved December 11, 2019) which authorized the development of seven (7) office/warehouse shell buildings (Buildings A, B, C, D, E, F, & G) and establishment of certain permitted “by-right” uses on ±11.28 acres (total) of property located on the north and south sides of East Dorothy Avenue, between South Cherry and South East Avenues (three (3) lots comprised of APNs: 328-200-30, 84S, & 85S). The seven (7) office/warehouse buildings range from 26,00 to 41,000 square feet with approximately 1,500 square feet of office space per building. In addition, each building has two (2) loading docks. The Project site is already developed, and environmental impacts associated with that development were previously analyzed under related Environmental Assessment No. P18-03647 which resulted in a Mitigated Negative Declaration, dated May 10, 2019, being prepared. Under the current Project (P21-06275), the Project Applicant proposes to lease 25,695 square-foot Building C located at 2839 East Dorothy Avenue. The Project Applicant (Meras Water Solutions) is a water treatment and remediation company that develops service programs for industrial water treatment, agricultural water treatment, food safety water treatment, and Legionella risk management programs. The facility will solely be used for the storage and shipping of environmentally hazardous chemicals to customers. Chemicals will be stored on-site no longer than 30 days from their received dated. No hazardous waste will be produced at the site and hazardous chemicals will neither be mixed or manufactured at the facility. All empty hazardous chemical containers will be sent back to the respective vendor for cleaning and reuse. A complete list of chemicals stored on-site is provided in Appendix A. The proposed use is anticipated to generate very minimal customer foot traffic, as most customer interactions require inspections that occur out in the field (off-site). Approximately four (4) to ten (10) employees are anticipated to be on-site, with the majority of office staff operating remotely from another location. During the peak season (April to September) deliveries via box truck are to occur daily while larger freight shipments are to be received one (1) to five (5) times per week. A propane powered forklift will be utilized for both loading and unloading shipments and is the only heavy machine to be operated on-site as necessary. As previously mentioned, the site is already developed. Aside from interior tenant improvements, the project does not propose new construction or modifications to the existing site. Pursuant to Fresno Municipal Code Table 15-1302 (Land Use Regulations – Employment Districts), uses involving the storage of chemicals are permitted in the IH (Heavy Industrial) zone district with an approved Conditional Use Permit. Therefore, the Project application was filed for purposes of establishing a conditionally permitted use within Building C (2839 East Dorothy Avenue).
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City of Fresno City of Fresno Environmental Assessment No. P21-06275
City of Fresno Environmental Assessment No. P21-06275 for Conditional Use Permit Application No. P21-06275