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Town of Windsor Wastewater Reclamation Facility Biosolids Treatment and Disposal Upgrades
The Windsor Water District (District) owns and operates the Windsor Water Reclamation Facility (WWRF or Facility) located in Windsor, California, to receive and treat wastewater from an estimated population of 28,000 in and around the Town of Windsor. Wastewater treatment produces solids that must then be treated and reused or disposed of offsite (biosolids). The District proposes to undertake improvements to the solids treatment process at the WWRF to produce Class A biosolids. The District is proposing to dredge an existing sludge pond, backfill the area, pave the area, and construct new facilities for handling biosolids. The new facilities would include a combination of processes that could thicken, dewater, and ultimately dry the solids material. To accommodate a new biodrying and pyrolysis treatment process, a new single-story building would be constructed within the footprint of the existing S4 sludge pond to house thickening and dewatering equipment. In addition, a separate pump station and wet well would be constructed to receive excess process wastewater, as well as stormwater from the newly paved area, to be directed back to the treatment headworks. Adjacent to the proposed thickening/dewatering/polymer building would be eight drying units with space for two additional future units. The biodrying and pyrolysis units as well as the odor control facilities would be sited on a concrete slab and covered with a canopy structure to protect the equipment from the elements. A conveyor system would be constructed to facilitate collection of dried biosolids cake that is produced as a result of the pyrolysis process.
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Town of Windsor Windsor Water Reclamation Plant Biosolids and Disposal Upgrades Project
Town of Windsor Town of Windsor Wastewater Reclamation Facility Biosolids Treatment and Disposal Upgrades