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Riverlux Resort
Riverlux Resort is a proposed Townhome/Recreational Vehicle (RV) Community in Needles, CA that will be constructed on 14 acres of land along Needles Highway between North K Street and River Road. The City is currently updating its Land Use Element, combining its land use and zoning designations. The proposed project site is anticipated to have a land use designation and zoning designation of Planned Unit Development (PUD) at the time of project construction. At present, the proposed project requires a general plan amendment to change the existing land use and zoning designations to PUD. The structures to be built consist of commercial and livable space. The commercial property will include a 4,000 sq. ft. grocery store. The townhouses proposed for construction will consist of 58 single family townhomes which accommodate parking for RV’s. There will be three models being constructed within the proposed project area and consist of single-story, two-story, and three-story models. The proposed project will have five phases of construction until project completion. Ground will be leveled at appropriate elevations. See Appendix B: Project Site Plans for the location and layout of the proposed buildings. Buildings constructed onsite will have a maximum height of 35 feet to minimize visual profile. All construction will be completed to the standards of the International Building Code for commercial and residential structures, including the installation of smoke and fire detection alarms. Sufficient parking will be installed around the grocery store which will include 80 parking spaces. Four Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking spots will be designated based on the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design which requires one spot for every twenty-five. Additionally, five parking spots will be dedicated for electric vehicles. The perimeter of the livable townhomes will be lined with 6’ concrete block wall. Landscaping is proposed around the block wall and will consist of desert tolerant plants that require minimal maintenance and water and mimic the visual aesthetics of the City of Needles. The Tentative Tract Map (TTM) for the proposed development is identified as TTM 20478 and is attached in Appendix B. It has been confirmed at the time of this writing the digital billboard is no longer a part of the scope of work of the proposed project; however, it may be mentioned in attached supporting technical documents.
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City of Needles Riverlux Resort
City of Needles Riverlux Resort