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City of San Dimas Downtown Specific Plan
The proposed Downtown Specific Plan (DTSP) would establish a planning and zoning framework to encourage transit-oriented development in Downtown San Dimas while preserving the character of the historic commercial district. The DTSP encourage scompact development near the new Metro "A" Line transit station to decrease automobile dependency, reduce both local and regional traffic congestion and related greenhouse gas emissions, and provide additional guidance and plans to increase multimodal access to and from the historic Downtown area. The DTSP Area includes several opportunity sites for new development within walking distance of the transit station that provide significant potential for infill development and adaptive reuse of existing underutilized downtown properties. The DTSP would increase the development potential in Downtown San Dimas in compliance with the vision of the City. The DTSP would allow new housing, retail, employment, and hospitality uses within the DTSP Area. The potential residential development is equivalent to 3,687 dwelling units. Though conceptual, this is considered a maximum development capacity. Development would not occur all at once. For the purposes of analysis, the development potential is assumed to occur over a 20-year period. The DTSP will require approval of a General Plan Amendment, Zone Change, and Municipal Code Text Amendment.
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City of San Dimas City of San Dimas Downtown Specific Plan
City of San Dimas Downtown Specific Plan