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Wild Oak Subdivision
This Project proposes to subdivide and develop the property into residential 83 lots with 2-story homes. The subject property would require a General Plan Amendment and a Rezone to change the subject property to Medium Density Residential and to R-1-4, respectively. A Conditional Use Permit to establish a Small Lot Residential subdivision would be required as part of the Project. Additionally, the Project proposes private streets, a 0.43-acre park and 17 public parking spaces, and the removal of an existing house and walnut trees onsite. Runoff from the Project would drain to Bender Park, located approximately 600 feet east of the Project site. The site is currently vacant with one single family residence to be demolished. Construction is anticipated to occur over approximately 13 months and no tree or vegetation removal is included in the project. The Area of Potential Effect is approximately 11 acres.
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City of Tulare Wild Oak Subdivision
City of Tulare Wild Oak Subdivision