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310-330 Esplanade Avenue Infrastructure Preservation Project
The City is implementing a construction project to protect and maintain infrastructure along Esplanade Avenue, including the street and underground utilities, which are currently threatened by coastal bluff retreat. The City condemned and removed the residential structures previously on the site in 2016-2017. The proposed project design includes several structural elements to fortify the bluff including a buried sheet pile wall at the toe of the bluff, a cap beam on top of the sheet pile wall, and a shotcrete (sprayed concrete) wall secured to the bluff face with tieback rods/tendons drilled into the bluff face. The shotcrete wall is estimated to be approximately 650 feet long and extends to an elevation of 40 feet above sea level, which is approximately a height of 26 feet above the toe of the bluff (the actual height of the top of the wall above sea level will vary as the level of the sand changes). The work would also include removing loose debris against the bluff and existing riprap on the beach. The currently proposed seawall design provides protection and allows for some retreat of the bluff. A trail, fencing, signage, and native plant landscaping is proposed on the blufftop. Once the blufftop improvements are completed, the blufftop area would be open for public access. The purpose of the project is to protect the City’s infrastructure for the design life of the seawall, which is expected to be 30 years.
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City of Pacifica 310-330 Esplanade Avenue Infrastructure Preservation Project
City of Pacifica 310-330- Esplanade Drive Infrastructure Preservation Project