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Hillmer Minor Subdivision and Residential Development
The project consists of a minor subdivision and the development of each resulting lot with residential uses. The proposed subdivision would divide an existing 0.48-acre parcel into two parcels of 0.21 acres (Lot 1) and 0.27 acres (Lot 2) in a front-back configuration, with the rear parcel consisting of a panhandle to provide access from School Street/SR1. Lot 1 would have an access and private utility easement over a portion of the panhandle for its access and utility connections. Vehicular access to both parcels would be provided from School Street/SR1. To provide the Project with water service, a 10-foot-wide waterline easement is proposed over two parcels to the rear, connecting the project to Point Arena Water Works utilities in Lake Street. Sewer hookups are proposed with a new service lateral and cleanout within the driveway. The project proposes to construct a 2,100 SF structure on each of the parcels that result from the subdivision. Each structure would consist of a single-family dwelling and attached “granny unit” to form a duplex. Each of the four proposed units would be 1,050 SF, less than 24 feet in height from finished grade, and contain two bedrooms. The structures would face one another, with the front of the units opening to the center of the Project site. The duplexes would be identical in size and design. Each structure would include two on-grade decks at the rear of the units and two patios at the front of the units. A tool shed is proposed beyond the terminus of the driveway. Fencing is proposed around the perimeter of the Project site. Additionally, interior fencing is proposed to create individual yards for each of the four units. Access to both parcels would be provided from School Street/SR1 via a 24-foot-wide driveway. The Project provides two off-street parking spaces for Lot 1 at the front of the property adjacent to School Street/SR1. Two off-street parking spaces are proposed at the end of the driveway for Lot 2 with a hammerhead turnaround. As discussed above, water utilities would be provided from Lake Street to the north via a proposed 10-foot-wide easement through two parcels. Sewer service would be provided from School Street/SR1 beneath the proposed driveway. Site development will require grading, with an anticipated total cut of 224 cubic yards (CY) and fill of 8 CY. To accommodate the grading required for site development, a 73 linear foot (LF) long two-foot-high retaining wall is proposed along the western edge of the driveway.
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City of Point Arena Hillmer Minor Subdivision and Residential Development
City of Point Arena Hillmer Minor Subdivision and Residential Development