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Sportsmen's Lodge Project
The Sportsmen’s Lodge Mixed-Use Project includes the development of three above-grade low- to mid-rise mixed use residential and commercial structures with a common subterranean parking structure on an approximately 8.76-acre (381,430-square-foot) Project Site, the western portion of which (Site A) is currently improved with the 97,807 square foot Shops at Sportsmen’s Lodge shopping center (The Shops Development), and the eastern portion of which (Site B) is currently improved with the Sportsmen’s Lodge Hotel and surface parking areas. A lot line adjustment, to be reviewed under a separate ministerial process, is being proposed to adjust the boundaries of the Project Site’s three existing parcels, which will result in Site A containing 2.81 acres (122,344 square feet) of lot area and Site B containing 5.95 acres (259,086 square feet) of lot area. The Project would replace the existing Sportsmen’s Lodge Hotel and parking areas on Site B with 520 residential units, including 78 Very Low-Income affordable units; 18,019 square feet of restaurant uses; 27,926 square feet of retail uses; and 64,151 square feet of residential amenity and accessory space. The Project would incorporate approximately 63,647 square feet of common open space and recreational amenities on Site B, including approximately 49,351 square feet of exterior common open space and approximately 14,296 square feet of interior common open space. Additionally, the Project would include approximately 12,550 square feet of private open space, for a total of 76,197 square feet of open space provided on Site B. Approximately 23,242 square feet of open space would be accessible to the public. The Project would provide 1,385 total vehicular parking spaces and 284 bicycle parking spaces (240 long-term and 44 short term), as well as 49 spaces relocated long-term spaces, for a total of 333 bicycle parking spaces. Upon completion, the Project would result in 650,996 square feet of new floor area on Site B, resulting in a floor area ratio (FAR) of 2.86:1 for Site B. No physical changes or construction of new residential or commercial floor area are proposed for Site A, except for the relocation of electrical transformers at the northwest corner of the property and the removal of 49 long term bicycle parking spaces currently provided at the northwest corner of the property along the Coldwater Canyon Avenue frontage, which will be relocated to the new long-term bicycle parking areas of Site B. This former transformer/bicycle parking location on Site A will be replaced with 3,278 square feet of new open space; accordingly, no new floor area will be added to Site A. Following the lot line adjustment, the FAR for Site A will be 0.87:1. The final FAR across the entirety of the Project Site, encompassing both Site A and Site B, will be 2.13:1.
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City of Los Angeles Sportsmen's Lodge Project
City of Los Angeles Sportsmen's Lodge
City of Los Angeles Sportsmen's Lodge