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18-Inch Transmission Main Installation Project
The District’s service area includes Pressure Zone 7, which is north of Pressure Zone 6 in WVWD’s North System. Storage in this area is provided by District Reservoirs (R7-1, R7-2, R7-3, and R7-4) located on Lytle Creek Road. There is currently no source of supply within Pressure Zone 7, as water is boosted from the Lower Pressure Zones (4, 5, and 6) to serve that area. As such, the District is proposing a new 650 LF 18-inch transmission main to facilitate supply to accommodate the increase in development that is projected to occur in Pressure Zone 7. WVWD proposes to install approximately 650 linear feet (LF) of 18-inch transmission main within Pressure Zone 7. The proposed transmission main will connect to an existing 18-inch transmission main at Lytle Creek Road and bore under the Ontario I-15 freeway and terminate at Citrus Avenue in an unimproved area. Approximately 250 LF of 18-inch diameter pipe will be trenched in the unimproved area. The proposed pits for the jack and bore will be approximately 40 feet in length and 20 feet in width and will be located outside the Caltrans right-of-way. The pipeline that will traverse under the I-15 includes trenchless installation of approximately 325 LF of 18-inch diameter carrier pipe in a 30-inch diameter casing under the I-15 Freeway to connect to segments at either side of the freeway. The segments of pipeline will be installed mostly within undisturbed areas between Lytle Creek Road and Citrus Avenue.
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West Valley Water District 18-Inch Transmission Main Installation Project
West Valley Water District 18-Inch Transmission Main Installation Project