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Derrel’s Mini Storage (GPA 22-001 & PZC 22-002)
The applicant is requesting is to modify the previously approved Sequoia Drive-In Business Park Master Development Guidelines PPD 20-001, Development Agreement No. DEV 20-002, and Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map No. TSM 834 (Castlewood LLC/Visalia) to accommodate the establishment of the first phase of Derrel’s Mini-Storage within the footprint of the previously approved project (APNs: 101-090-014 & -015 and 101-100-009). This modification would also add twenty (20) acres of additional territory (APN: 101-100-005) to the Project site to accommodate the second phase of Derrel’s Mini-Storage. The area that is proposed to be added currently has a land use designation of “Valley Agricultural” and is located in the AE-20 Zone. In addition, the applicant is requesting a Lot Line Adjustment to adjust the boundaries between three existing parcels (APNs: 101-090-014 & -015 and 101-100-009) to coincide with the three (3) phases of the proposed Project. In addition to mini-storage structures, the Project would include recreation vehicle (RV) storage and resident manager housing. The proposed use (mini-storage/RV storage) where the expansion would occur is not allowed in the AE-20 Zone; therefore, the Project will require a change of zone to PD-C-3-SC from its existing AE-20 zone. A Williamson Act Cancellation must also occur to cancel Contract No. 10335 for APN 101-100-005 as part of this Project. The Project will include a water feature fronting Avenue 292, access from Avenue 292, an on-site storm water retention basin, and an emergency fire access point from Road 156 to comply with Fire Department conditions.
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Tulare County Derrel's Mini Storage, GPA 22-001 & PZC 22-002
Tulare County Derrel’s Mini Storage (GPA 22-001 & PZC 22-002)