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Dutra Property Subdivision Project
The proposed Project includes the annexation of 39.49 acres of land into the City of Manteca for the subdivision and development of 197 residential units, construction of a 2.92-acre Park/Basin, installation of frontage/entry landscaping, expansion of an existing storm drainage basin, and retention of two lots that have existing residential homes along Oleander Avenue. The density would be approximately 5.7 units/acre, with typical lot sizes of 50 feet by 80 feet or 4,000 square feet. The existing residential structures within the Development area would be retained. Residences would front on Oleander Avenue, consistent with the existing residential orientation along the street. Access to the subdivision will occur from the east along Oleander Avenue, and from the south along Peach Road. Within the Non-Development Area, the proposed Project would have no new development. The existing six residential homes on five lots would remain intact. This area has an existing density that ranges from .21 acre lots to 1.35 acre lots. These parcels are designated Low Density Residential under the City of Manteca General Plan, and would receive a pre-zoning of R-1.
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City of Manteca Dutra Property Subdivision Project
City of Manteca Dutra Property Subdivision Project