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HUM-169 Rehab 52 Culverts
The proposed project is on State Route 169 (SR 169), a rural highway in Humboldt and Del Norte counties. SR 169 is a single lane highway (with segments of two lanes) that provides access to private property and residences, schools, emergency services, employment, mail and fuel delivery, traditional cultural areas, and recreational activities. Culverts included in this project were evaluated and determined to be in poor or fair condition, with some culverts degraded beyond repair. Rehabilitation activities include full culvert replacement using the cut and cover method, headwall and inlet replacement and construction, underdrain installation, and culvert abandonment/ditch regrading at one location. Rock energy dissipator (RED) and rock slope protection (RSP) would also be placed at certain culvert locations to reduce soil erosion and protect water quality. Some locations would require temporary water diversion to complete work. Private water lines that pass through culverts would be removed and replaced in-kind. Where necessary, elements of culvert work would have site-specific designs (referred to as nonstandard) to reduce impacts, avoid natural features, etc. Construction is currently scheduled to begin in May 2024 and finish in December 2026, with approximately 190 total working days. Full road closures lasting up to seven hours would be required at locations where the roadway is too narrow to allow safe passage around construction. Some full closures may occur at night. Staging may occur at any pullout large enough within the Environmental Study Limits (ESL) for staging outside of sensitive resource areas.
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California Department of Transportation, District 1 (DOT) Rehab HUM 169 Culverts
California Department of Transportation, District 1 (DOT) Rehab HUM-169 Culverts
California Department of Transportation, District 1 (DOT) HUM-169 Rehab 52 Culverts