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Kateley Grading Permit (ENG15-00086)
Description of Project: Approval of a Grading Permit to allow the construction of a new 2,400-foot long 14-foot wide driveway access road leading to a previously approved, not-yet constructed, single-family home, garage, and 384 square-foot accessory dwelling unit ADU). Grading spoils shall be stored at the adjacent parcel to the north (APN 034-370-038-000). Spoils will be stored out of required stream setbacks. Remaining excess spoils would be transported off-site to a County approved location. The project also includes a request for an exception to the Napa County Road and Street Standards (NCRSS). The request proposes an exception to the roads and street standards to accommodate steep terrain and ground slopes to allow for a short segment of non-compliant slope at a single location. Construction activities shall occur on portions of the site previously graded without approval. The County formally opened a code enforcement case in 2014 due to illegal grading between 2009 and 2011. The NCRSS allows a maximum longitudinal driveway slope of 20 percent. To make the slope of this segment compliant would require extensive grading on the steep hillside that is adjacent to the driveway. The applicant is requesting an exception to the maximum length requirements for a driveway having 18-20 percent grade. The NCRSS specifies a maximum slope length of 300 feet for roadway segments with 18-20 percent slopes. The plan proposes 20 percent grade for approximately 545 feet in length. The required 100-foot preceding and ensuing sections having no more than 10 percent grade would be installed. The driveway width would also be expanded to 20 feet for the first 300 feet, which includes the section where the exception is requested. A total of 41 trees, consisting of Live Oak, Cypress, and Bay Laurel, are proposed for removal. To mitigate this impact, the applicant will replant on a 3:1 ratio a total of 36 Live Oak trees each 5 gallons in size. Replacement trees will be located near the south east section of the new road, near Dry Creek Road.
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Napa County Kateley Grading Permit (ENG15099987)
Napa County Kateley Grading Permit (ENG15-00086)