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Wiley Canyon Project
The project proposes to develop a 277, 108-square-foot, senior living facility, approximately 8,914 square feet of commercial space, 379 multifamily residential apartments, and a publicly accessible outdoor recreational field space on a vacant 31.8-acre site. The project would include landscaping throughout the project site to be used for screening of buildings and for the proposed fuel modification zones. The project would include active and passive on-site recreational facilities. A new pedestrian trails/maintenance road would be constructed throughout the project site and along Wiley Canyon Road. The project would include off-site circulation improvements to Wiley Canyon Road. The improvements differ across intersections and segments of the roadway (i.e., proposed roundabouts, bus bays, utility improvements); however, along the right-of-way, proposed Class I, II and Ill bicycle routes, pedestrian facilities and trail paths, and two drive lanes (one for each direction) are proposed. The project would include the installation of off-site roundabouts along Wiley Canyon Road at the project's entrance, Canerwell Street, and at Calgrove Boulevard. In addition, off-site improvements are necessary for the buildout of the project, including a new water line proposed within Old Wiley Canyon Road, a new storage tank and a new pump within an existing pump station.
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City of Santa Clarita Wiley Canyon Project
City of Santa Clarita Wiley Canyon Project