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Menifee Valley Specific Plan
The Project includes the Specific Plan area (approximately 590.3 acres) and two sets of off-site improvement areas. The 590.3-acre Project site consists of multiple parcels (Assessor Parcel Numbers [APNs] 331-260-005 through -009, 331-270-005, 331-280-005, 331- 290-004, 331-300-002, -004, -005, -007, and -013, 333-170-006 and -011 through -013).The Project would facilitate the development of the 590.3-acre Project site as a mixed-use, master-planned community through the approval of the Menifee Valley Specific Plan (MVSP). The planned community would provide economic development and jobs to the City and improve the ratio of jobs to housing in Menifee while delivering a mix of uses that would establish a sense of place for the community while maintaining the maximum residential unit count of 1,718 that was previously approved for the Project site by SP 301. The MVSP would establish guidelines for the future development of the planned community, which would consist of a residential area for single-family and multi-family residential units as well as green spaces and a potential elementary school site, as well as recreation areas including a public sports park and greenbelt. The first set of off-site improvements (up to 59.0 acres total) includes improvements to existing roadways (e.g. Menifee Road, SR-74, and Briggs Road), utility connections (e.g. water, sewer, stormwater, electricity, internet, and natural gas), landscaping, and construction of a non-vehicular bridge to connect the Specific Plan site to the Heritage Lake community to the south. In addition, a second set of off-site roadway improvements are proposed to address circulation issues in conflict with the General Plan Circulation Element policies that strive to achieve desired levels of service. These roadway improvements, which include widening and additional turn lanes as required, include Matthews Road/Case Road (between McLaughlin Road and Ethanac Road), McLaughlin Road (between Matthews Road/Case Road and Menifee Road) and McCall Boulevard (between Encanto Drive and Menifee Road). Roadway improvements include possible relocation of overhead and underground utility infrastructure, additional road signage, traffic rerouting, road resurfacing and expansion, and walkways and road lighting. These improvements would result in these roadway segments being built out to their ultimate configurations as identified in the City’s General Plan Circulation Element (Circulation Element Exhibit C-3). These roadway improvements were identified in the General Plan Circulation Element and included in the Final General Plan EIR (certified on December 18, 2013) which evaluated impacts related to the adoption of the Circulation Element.
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City of Menifee Menifee Valley Specific Plan” General Plan Amendment No. PLN 21-0336, Change of Zone No. PLN 21-0335, Specific Plan Amendment No. PLN 21-0221, Specific Plan No.
City of Menifee Menifee Valley Specific Plan
City of Menifee Menifee Valley Specific Plan EIR