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Sabercat Trail Extension Project
The City of Fremont, California (City) is proposing to extend the existing Sabercat Creek Trail from Sabercat Historical Park east of Interstate-680 (I-680) into the City’s Irvington District neighborhood. The Sabercat Trail Extension Project (Project) would construct an approximately 1.3-mile Class I bicycle and pedestrian trail that includes grade-separated crossings over the Union Pacific Railroad and Bay Area Rapid Transit rail corridor (UPRR/BART rail corridor), I-680 and Sabercat Creek. The proposed Project would improve pedestrian and bicycle access to both the future Irvington BART station and Ohlone College east of Sabercat Historical Park. The proposed Project would develop an approximate 0.9-mile Class I trail beginning at the Blacow Road turnaround east of Roberts Avenue and west of the UPRR/BART rail corridor with a paved entry plaza adjoining Blacow Road. The overhead crossing of the rail corridor would have a clearance of 25 feet above the rail elevation and include ramps to meet the existing roadway grade on either side of the rail corridor. The intersection geometry at Osgood Road/Blacow Road intersection would be modified to include protected intersection design elements for safe pedestrian and bicycle crossing along the west side of the intersection. The existing traffic signal would be modified and incorporate video detection technology and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessible push button detection for all trail users. From Osgood Road, the trail would cross a private property to access I-680 right-of-way. The trail would be located just outside of the Sabercat Creek riparian corridor and adjoin with the west landing of the proposed I-680 Overcrossing bridge. The I-680 Overcrossing bridge would cross the freeway to join with Sabercat Historical Park. The overcrossing landing would be at the far west edge of the park then the trail would proceed east to a proposed interpretative plaza and continue east to connect with the existing Sabercat trail within Sabercat Historical Park at the eastern Project terminus. The overcrossing bridge is designed to avoid or minimize impacts to Sabercat/Mammoth Creeks. The I-680 Overcrossing bridge’s east landing, abutment and interpretative plaza area would be consistent with the City’s intentions for this undeveloped portion of the City-owned Sabercat Historical Park. Another approximate 0.4-mile north section of the trail would extend north from proposed I-680 overcrossing, cross Sabercat Creek and terminate in the vicinity of a planned signalized crossing on Osgood Road as part of the planned mid-block access to the Irvington BART station. This portion of the trail would take advantage of undeveloped properties east of Osgood Road. The proposed trail would occupy an overall width of approximately 14 to 16 feet, consisting of a 10- to 12-foot paved surface of either asphalt or reinforced concrete supported on compacted base material with graded safety shoulders of 2 feet on either side. The proposed trail would require easements or partial property acquisitions from four private properties and two public parcels owned by BART. Lighting may be needed in portions of the trail for safety purposes. Where lighting is proposed, it would be shielded to avoid overflowing onto grounds outside the trail and/or bridge structures consistent with the City of Fremont Citywide Design Guidelines. The proposed Project incorporates aesthetic treatments on the trail and bridge structures. Aesthetic treatment considerations for the proposed bridge, supports, and walls include texture, color and/or patterning to reduce visual impacts, glare, and potential for graffiti. The overhead crossing over the UPRR/ BART railroad crossing would include aesthetic treatments to reduce the visual impact on adjacent residential properties which includes walls, fast-growing vegetation and as well as additional Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) measures involving choice of landscaping and lighting on trails which help to maintain proper use of trail, reduce potential for incidents and improve users’ feeling of safety.
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City of Fremont Sabercat Trail Extension Project
City of Fremont Sabercat Trail Extension Project