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Nevada County Broadband Program
The proposed program would expand access to broadband technology throughout unincorporated Nevada County and the incorporated communities of the City of Grass Valley, Nevada City, and the Town of Truckee. The County, incorporated cities, or individual service providers would construct individual broadband projects consistent with the proposed program. The exact alignments of future broadband projects implemented in accordance with the program are unknown at this time and would be based on such considerations as construction feasibility, local preference, and locations of sensitive environmental resources. The fiber optic lines would generally be installed underground following public or private roadways throughout the county with the intention to minimize or avoid disturbance of roadway surfaces where feasible; however, it is possible some fiber optic line could be installed directly under roadways in areas with limited shoulder space or where existing conduit under the road may be used, avoiding new surface disturbance. The program area would also include those areas where lateral lines are installed between public or private roadways and individual businesses or residences. Individual residence or business connections typically would be located in previously disturbed and/or developed areas (e.g., adjacent to driveways or in landscaped areas), and generally would avoid drainages and sensitive habitats. Lateral alignments would typically follow other utility installations, such as electrical. Where subsurface installation of fiber optic cable is infeasible, aerial installation on new or existing poles would occur. The program could develop approximately 2,230 miles of fiber-based infrastructure along public and private roads. Construction methods that could be used include horizontal directional drilling, plowing, trenching, microtrenching, and aerial stringing. The program would allow limited use of fixed-wireless infrastructure, which would connect to fiber optic lines or to other wireless infrastructure. When considering issuance of a use permit for an individual fixed-wireless project, the County would consider the appropriateness of the site for use of these technologies (such as challenging terrain and effects on sensitive environmental resources). Specific fixed-wireless infrastructure included in the program could include equipment (e.g., antennas, transceivers) mounted on rooftops of homes and businesses, and/or attached to existing or new utility poles or small-diameter telecommunications towers/masts. With wireless infrastructure, antennas are used in lieu of fiber to transmit signal. Repeater equipment may also be attached to these same structures to direct signals in instances where there is no line of sight between the transmitter and receiver.
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Nevada County Nevada County Broadband Program
Nevada County Nevada County Broadband Program
Nevada County Nevada County Broadband Program
Nevada County Nevada County Broadband Project and Spiral Fiber Broadband Project