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Atlas View II Vineyard
The project includes clearing of vegetation (mixed oak woodland, manzanita chaparral, and annual grassland), earthmoving, and installation and maintenance of erosion control measures associated with the development of approximately 20.2 gross acres (13.9 net acres) of new vineyard within eight vineyard blocks located on an approximate 115.75-acre parcel. The proposed project also includes construction of two attenuation basins and disturbance to existing dirt access roads including trenching for irrigation lines. The project would remove approximately 2.24 acres of mixed oak woodland and approximately 17.7 acres of annual grassland. Implementation of the proposed project would result in the removal of up to 254 trees with a 6-inch diameter at breast height (dbh) or greater. The vineyard would be irrigated via a drip irrigation system with water from the property’s three existing on-site wells
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Napa County Atlas View II Vineyard
Napa County Atlas View II Vineyard