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East Pico Blanco Fuelbreak Project
This treatment will cover approximately 30 acres east of Pico Blanco Mountain and will create a new shaded fuelbreak that will serve to connect two Forest Service fuelbreaks- the Skinner Ridge Fuelbreak to the north and the Post Summit to Little Sur Fuelbreak to the south. This fuelbreak will be approximately 300 feet wide and will run an estimated 6,200 feet (1.17 miles) from the Little Sur River south to the northern terminus of the Post Summit to Little Sur Fuelbreak. The majority of the fuelbreak will follow a ridgeline between the two end points but will have segments that follow smaller ridges or geographical features. This area is remote and cannot be accessed by vehicles or machinery, therefore the treatments for this fuelbreak be done only with tools that can be carried by hand (loppers, chainsaws, other hand tools). Within the boundaries of the 300’ by 6200’ shaded fuelbreak, trees will be limbed/pruned to a height of ten feet from the highest ground level whenever possible using chainsaws or loppers. Other non-tree woody vegetation will be lopped or cut to achieve a horizontal mosaic pattern of no more than 25% cover of woody vegetation within a given acre (excluding trees). Pruned limbs and cut vegetation will be lopped and scattered to a depth of not to exceed eighteen inches. Trees will not be removed unless they are less than twelve inches in diameter, act as a ladder fuel to the overstory and do not have identified wildlife nesting or roosting in the tree. Forbs and other vegetation will not be removed or cut unless they act as ladder fuels or aid the horizontal spread of fire on the ground. Trees of cultural significance and State and Federally listed plant species and habitats will be flagged and avoided. The end objective is to have a treatment with modified fuel characteristics that decrease fire rate of spread significantly, do not allow crown fire spread in the mature canopy, maintain or not significantly decrease the existing canopy cover, and diminish the intensity of a potential wildfire long enough to allow time for other firefighting tactics to be used in adjacent areas.
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Resource Conservation District, Monterey County East Pico Blanco Fuelbreak
Resource Conservation District, Monterey County East Pico Blanco Fuelbreak Project