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New 340-Unit Residential Density Bonus & Affordable Housing Project
The proposed project consists of the demolition of the existing on-site structures and surface parking lot and construction of a new 100% affordable (aside from three manager units) Density Bonus Housing project. The proposed development involves a new five-story, 298,020 SF multi-family residential development containing 340-units. An onsite-parking garage is provided with 342 parking spaces within two levels of subterranean (below grade) parking. The project qualifies for reduced parking inclusive of guest and handicapped spaces under the State Density Bonus Law. On August 10, 2021, the Glendale Housing Authority authorized the Executive Director of the Housing Authority to execute a Letter of Loan Commitment and Lease Option with LINC and National Core, and the City Council adopted a Resolution of Appropriation in the amount of $1 O.OM for the funding of the 515 Pioneer Drive project, as well as approved a Density Bonus and lnclusionary Housing Plan application (Case No. PDBP211244 7) with 100% of the units (aside from three manager units) reserved for extremely low, very low and low income senior and small family households earning between 30% to 80% area median income, a 750% density bonus and findings for four concessions and two waivers as follows: Concessions 1) Reductions in various street front, street side and certain interior setbacks; 2) Reduction in studio unit size from 600 square feet to 360 square feet, reduction in one-bedroom unit size from 600 square feet to 530 square feet, and reduction in two-bedroom unit size from 800 square feet to 750 square feet; 3) Increase in building height from 69 feet (36 feet, as permitted under the R-3050 zoning standards plus the automatic height increase per Government Code sections 65915(b)(1 )(G) & (d)(2)(D) of 33 feet) to 75 feet; and 4) Reduction in permanently landscaped open space from 30% to 15%. Waivers 1) Increase the maximum allowed floor area ratio (FAR) from 0.65:1 to 2.45:1; and 2) Increase the maximum allowed lot coverage from 50% to 58%.
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City of Glendale New 340-Unit Residential Density Bonus & Affordable Housing Project
City of Glendale New 340-Unit Residential Density Bonus & Affordable Housing Project