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Dr. Joseph Meyers Minor Subdivision - MS2103
Minor Subdivision of a 19.83± parcel into three parcels approximately 2-acres each in size. The applicant recently received approval to adjust the eastern 12± acres of the parcel to the adjoining property owner. A minimum of 7 acres will be retained along the South Bank Road frontage to complete the subject project. Additionally, the applicant owns a 1-acre parcel located on South Bank Road that is surrounded on two sides by the subject parcel. As part of the subdivision process, the applicant has submitted a concurrent boundary adjustment to reconfigure the 1-acre parcel and to adjust one acre of the 19.83 acres to conform to the current zoning designation and to be similar in size and dimension to the three proposed parcels. The three parcels all have frontage on South Bank Road and will be served by onsite wastewater treatment systems and individual wells. The project is located within the floodplain and floodway of the Smith River. Any future development will comply with the County‚Äôs Flood Damage Prevention ordinance which requires constructing above the 100-year base flood elevation.
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Del Norte County Dr. Joseph Meyers Minor Subdivision - MS2103
Del Norte County Dr. Joseph Meyers Minor Subdivision - MS2103