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Conditional Use Permit No. 20-08 (High Roller Dairy)
The Project includes the addition of an anaerobic lagoon digester and associated infrastructure adjacent to the western boundary of the dairy. The digester is located approximately 1,194 feet from the nearest residence (Figure 2-3). The digester is 300 feet x 264 feet x 32 feet and will hold approximately 10.5 million gallons. Once the digester and biogas infrastructure are operational, the site will generate approximately 20,749 million BTU/year, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels that generate air pollution and greenhouse gases emissions, meeting the County and State’s climate and energy goals to reduce energy usage, increase energy efficiency and increase the use of forms of renewable energy. In addition, several new dairy-related structures are proposed. The existing High Roller Dairy facility includes 5,333 dairy cows (Animal Units) housed in open lot shade structures and free stall barns. Existing manure travels to an existing storage lagoon in the center of the parcel, and cows are milked in the northeast corner. There is no proposed increase in the number of Animal Units.
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Kings County Conditional Use Permit No. 20-08 (High Roller Dairy)
Kings County Conditional Use Permit No. 20-08 (High Roller Dairy)