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Devlin Road/ Soscol Ferry Road Roundabout Project
Napa County is proposing to construct a three-legged roundabout at the Devlin Road/Soscol Ferry Road intersection. The existing intersection is heavily trafficked especially during peak AM and PM hours. Most of the congestion is attributed to residents utilizing the interchange at State Route 29 and State Route 221 (Soscol Junction), which is directly to the east. Due to the proximity of the Devlin Road/Soscol Ferry Road intersection to the interchange and the existing congestion observed, the County is concerned about the efficiency and safety of the intersection. The project would construct a modern, yield -controlled, single-lane, three-legged roundabout. Additional improvements would include the installation of a multi-modal pathway and pedestrian crossings, lighting, as well as restriping and landscaping.
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Napa County Devlin Road/Soscol Ferry Road Roundabout Project Notice of Determination
Napa County Devlin Road/ Soscol Ferry Road Roundabout Project