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Golden Gate Avenue Parcel Map
The proposed project request is a request for the following land use entitlements: A Tentative Parcel Map to divide approximately 10 gross acres into four lots and a remainder lot A Design Review to comply with the Countywide Design Guidelines. As proposed, the project would result in the subdivision of the parcel into five parcels (four new parcels and a remainder parcel where the existing home is located. Parcel 1 will have access off Golden Gate Avenue. Parcels 2 & 3 will draw access from Peerless Avenue. Parcel 4 will share access with the parcel, which draws access from Golden Gate Avenue. A 20-foot wide private road will be constructed from Golden Gate Avenue down the eastern property line of the remainder parcel with a hammer head turnaround just north of Parcel 4. Although not currently proposed, it is likely that one single-family home would be built on each of the newly recorded parcels. The parcels are located within the San Juan Water District (SJWD) and new homes would be served by SJWD. The parcels are 200 feet from the nearest public sewer connection and have the option to construct individual septic systems for each parcel, instead of connecting to public sewer.
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Sacramento County Golden Gate Avenue Parcel Map
Sacramento County Golden Gate Avenue Parcel Map