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City of Poway 2020-2029 Housing Element
Environmental Assessment (EA) 21-001 and General Plan Amendment (GPA) 21-001 adopting the City of Poway Housing Element (2020-2029). The City of Poway Housing Element, which is part of the City’s General Plan, defines goals and programs that will guide the production of housing, including affordable housing and housing services for people with special needs. By State law, a City’s Housing Element must be updated in order to periodically assess the changing housing needs of the community and establish an action plan to address these needs and further fair housing. Changes have been incorporated into the Housing Element update (2020-2029) in response to comments received by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and the general public to ensure compliance with the requirements of State Housing Law.
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City of Poway Notice of Determination - Housing Element Update
City of Poway City of Poway 2020-2029 Housing Element