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Lazares Companies
Request to amend the Denair Community Plan designation from Estate Residential to Low-Density Residential and the zoning designation from Rural Residential (R-A) to Planned Development (P-D) on an 18.6± acre parcel, and to subdivide the project site into 72 parcels, with lots ranging in size from 7,223 to 14,962 square feet, to allow for low-density residential development. Of the 72 total lots created, 69 will be for the development of single-family dwellings. The remaining three lots will be used as a dual use stormwater basin/park and two landscaped stormwater swales. An amendment of the Denair Community Plan to Low-Density Residential is proposed to allow for a higher density of single-family development. The proposed density will be consistent with the existing General Plan Designation of Low-Density Residential. The proposed Planned Development zoning district will include all uses and development standards permitted in the R-1 zoning district with the exception of lot coverage. The applicant has proposed the resulting parcels to be permitted to develop building space of up to 50% of the total lot size, an increase of 10% from the current R-A zoning district. The applicant has requested this to achieve a greater flexibility in siting the housing product offered. The proposed lots will be served by the Denair Community Service District (CSD) for public water and sewer services. The project site fronts East Monte Vista Avenue and proposes to develop interior residential streets for the development. The frontage along East Monte Vista Avenue and each interior street will be developed with curb, gutter, and sidewalk. The sidewalks will also be developed with street lighting at various points throughout the development. The East Monte Vista Avenue intersection will serve as the main entry into the development by proposing completion of East Monte Vista Avenue by dedicating 55 feet of right-of-way north of the centerline of the road; installing a 29-foot paved lane, and matching curb, gutter, and sidewalk along East Monte Vista Avenue. The applicant has proposed a stub out near the northwest boundary of the project site, to provide connectivity for any future residential development on the two adjacent parcels designated as Estate Residential in the Denair Community Plan. The applicant proposes to develop a 1.5± acre dual use stormwater basin and park, to be developed on the northeastern boundary of the parcel. The basin will be planted in grass as well as perimeter landscaping consisting of trees, shrubs and groundcover. The northern boundary of the basin park will include a row of evergreen trees and a chain-link fence to act as an agricultural buffer from the adjacent General Agriculture (A-2-10) parcel. Additionally, the applicant proposes to install a meandering sidewalk and benches around the perimeter of the stormwater basin and park. The applicant has proposed two landscaped stormwater swales running east to west along the East Monte Vista Avenue frontage. The swales will be a continuation of the swale developed on the adjacent parcel to the west. The swales will be bordered on the northern end, by a masonry wall with landscaping on the south side of the wall. As part of the overall landscape plan, the applicant has included a tree planting plan for each lot. The tree planting plan will include one single street type tree planted with the development of each home for interior lots, and two street trees to be planted on side yard of corner lots, upon development of the home. Lastly, the applicant proposes to install sidewalks along the frontage of the adjacent Denair Unified School District, linking to the existing sidewalk that has only been developed on a portion of the parcel and the proposed development.
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Stanislaus County General Plan Amendment, Rezone, and Vesting Tentative Map Application No. PLN2021-0040 – Lazares Companies
Stanislaus County Lazares Companies
Stanislaus County General Plan Amendment, Rezone, and Tentative Map Application No. PLN2021-0040 - Lazares Companies