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Curtner Rd Booster Upgrade - Recirculation
08/27/2021: ACWD is recirculating the IS/MND for this project to include environmental mitigation for the removal of two (2) coast live oak trees, to be replaced at a 3:1 ratio on property adjacent to the project site, along Agua Fria Creek. ACWD proposes to upgrade the existing Curtner Road Booster Station for increased reliability, efficiency, maintainability, and worker access. The station is located in a residential area of Fremont, CA and serves the hills of the southeastern portion of the city. Total pumping capacity will not change significantly. The proposed work includes: the removal of old pumps and associated infrastructure, the installation of new pumps, pumping equipment, and piping; the expansion of the station’s upper level and installation of new stairs, a walkway, and access platforms; the installation of new access hatches and lighting, the installation of a motor control center and switchboard, the regrading of the southeast portion of the project area, the installation of a new retaining wall, and the regrading and repaving of an existing driveway approach.
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Alameda County Water District (ACWD) Curtner Road Booster Upgrade - NOD
Alameda County Water District (ACWD) Curtner Rd Booster Upgrade - Recirculation
Alameda County Water District (ACWD) Curtner Road Booster Station Upgrade Project