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City of Oceanside General Plan Update, Smart and Sustainable Corridors Specific Plan, and Climate Action Plan Update
The project includes a comprehensive General Plan Update (GPU), creation of a Smart and Sustainable Corridors Specific Plan (SSCSP), and an update to the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP Update). The GPU includes updating all elements, except for the Economic Development and Energy and Climate Action Elements which were prepared in 2019. The GPU has been revised to be organized around themes and guiding principles that reflect community input, the findings of technical studies, and state and regional priorities. The updated elements contain all state-mandated requirements, providing newly drafted goals, objectives, policies, and specific actions for future land use decision making. The GPU will include the following elements: Efficient and Compatible Land Use (ECLU), Integrated Mobility (IM), Remarkable Communities (RC), Vital and Sustainable Resources (VSR), Safe and Resilient Environment (SRE), and Healthy and Livable Community (HLC). Implementation of the GPU will result in the establishment of the City’s approach to growth and change addressing many aspects of development including, but not limited to, land use changes, citywide mobility, streetscape improvements, parks and recreational opportunities, and preservation of resources. The SSCSP is a regulatory document, consistent with the ECLU that outlines strategies, standards, and processes meant to foster the revitalization of the Mission Avenue, Oceanside Boulevard, and Vista Way commercial corridors in the City. The proposed land use framework for the SSCSP Planning Area offers an array of housing options for people at all income levels and stages of life. The non-residential land uses are framed to support an inclusive commercial environment that provides retail and services catering to residents’ daily needs while simultaneously inviting visitors from across the region. The project includes an update to the 2019 CAP to account for the increased housing and employment growth resulting from the GPU and SSCSP. The CAP update will provide a comprehensive plan for addressing Greenhouse Gas emissions throughout the City. The simultaneous processing of the GPU, SSCSP, and CAP Update is intended to ensure that growth occurs in an environmentally sustainable manner. The City's revised elements are intended to provide key planning principles to guide future development throughout the City, including the SSCSP Planning Area.
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City of Oceanside City of Oceanside General Plan Update, Smart and Sustainable Corridors Specific Plan, and Climate Action Plan Update
City of Oceanside Program Environmental Impact Report for Onward Oceanside: The City of Oceanside Comprehensive GPU, SMHCP, SSCSP, CAP Update, ATP, & TMP