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Carmel High School Stadium Lights
The Carmel Unified School District is proposing to install new lighting at the existing stadium at Carmel High School. No additional improvements are proposed. The addition of the stadium lights is intended to allow for Friday night football games and other nighttime games and practices in anticipation of the state’s “late start law,” which will go into effect starting in the fall of 2022 and will affect the ability of various sports teams from practicing later in the day without lights. The school district plans to install the stadium lighting by the start of the 2022-2023 school year. Two of the lighting poles will be located behind the northern, home seating area and will extend 70 feet high accounting for a 10-foot higher grade than the south, visitor seating bleachers, which will be 80 feet in height. Each lighting fixture will generate a total of 44 luminaires with an average kilowatt of 68.82 (74.8 maximum).
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Carmel Unified School District (CUSD) Carmel High School Stadium Lights
Carmel Unified School District (CUSD) Carmel High School Stadium Lights