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Enhanced Density Bonus Ordinance
The proposed Enhanced Density Bonus Ordinance would amend several sections of the Long Beach Municipal Code (LBMC) to facilitate the development of mixed income multi-family housing by establishing regulations that offer a density bonus and development concessions in exchange for the provision of on-site, deed-restricted, very low-, low-, or moderate-income housing units. The specific extent of the changes to the LBMC are described as follows: I. Changes to Title 21 (Zoning Code) of the LBMC consist of the following: 1. Creation of Enhanced Density Bonus Geographic Tiers and Development Standards a. Delineate geographic tiers as follows: Base Areas, and two tiers within the Transit Priority Areas: Major Transit Stop and High Quality Transit Corridor (HQTC). b. Establish projects consisting of 5 or more net new units may be eligible for density bonus. c. Establish a provision for escalating affordable housing requirements based on eligibility for up to a 70% density bonus in Base Areas, up to 90% along HQTCs, and up to 100% within one-half mile of a Major Transit Stop. d. Establish allowable incentives in the form of development concessions, based on the amount of the eligible density bonus in each of the geographic tiers, up to a maximum of 9 incentives per project. e. Exempt eligible projects with on-site childcare facilities from Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and parking calculations for that portion of project, and provide an additional incentive. f. Establish height incentives limited to a total of two additional stories in Base Areas and three additional stories in High Quality Transit Areas. Each additional story would count as one incentive. g. Apply transitional height restrictions such as a step-back of height increases if the proposed building is adjacent to a single-family home or duplex in an R1 or R2 zone. h. Establish the allowable density bonus and maximum number of development concessions for which projects subject to the inclusionary housing ordinance are eligible. 2. Administrative Procedures a. Add Zoning Code provisions that limit applicants to request use of either the City’s enhanced density bonus ordinance provisions or Government Code 65915, but not both. b. Add Zoning Code provisions that identify no-net-loss provisions that exceed the State requirements and include requirements for replacement of existing affordable units, in addition to the Density Bonus minimum affordable housing requirements. c. Amend existing LBMC §21.25.506 (Site Plan Review Findings) to add findings to address physical no-net-loss and housing element no-net-loss state mandates by ensuring that the City does not approve a Housing Development Project, as defined in state law and codified in Long Beach Ord-21-0007, that would result in the demolition of existing housing units or would have the effect of reducing the zoned capacity for housing of the City as it existed on January 1, 2018; unless those units are replaced on at least a one (1) to one (1) basis; and in the case of existing low income units, that such units are only demolished if they are replaced, and that certain conditions related to affordability and tenant protections are met; d. Amend LBMC Title 18 to allow a project’s very low, low, and moderate affordable units to be eligible for waivers from specified development fees, such as parks and recreation and transportation development fees. e. Establish sunset clauses in the Enhanced Density Bonus Ordinance if either of these conditions are met: i. October 1, 2030 unless extended by City Council; ii. If the City fulfills its 6th Cycle Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) requirements for very-low, low, and moderate-income units.
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City of Long Beach Enhanced Density Bonus Ordinance
City of Long Beach Enhanced Density Bonus Ordinance