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VEGA SES 4 Solar Energy Project
The proposed project consists of three primary components: 1) solar energy generation equipment and associated facilities including a substation and access roads (herein referred to as “solar energy facility”); 2) battery storage system; and, 3) gen tie line that would connect the proposed on site substation to the point of interconnection at the existing Imperial Irrigation District’s (IID) 92 kV “P” line. The proposed project involves the construction of a 100-megawatt (MW) alternating current (AC) photovoltaic (PV) solar energy facility with an integrated 100 MW battery storage system (not to exceed 200 MW) on approximately 531 acres of land. The project proposes to utilize either thin film or crystalline solar PV technology modules mounted either on fixed frames or horizontal single-axis tracker systems. The project would include electronic/electrical equipment, an on-site substation, access road(s) and fencing. The electrical energy produced by the project would be conducted through the project’s interconnection facilities to the proposed 92 kV generator intertie (gen-tie) line and delivered to the existing IID approved point of interconnection on the 92-kV “P” Line.
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Imperial County VEGA SES 4 Solar Energy Project
Imperial County VEGA SES 4 Solar Energy Project