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Paradise Sewer Project
The Town of Paradise is proposing to construct, operate, and maintain a new sewer collection system within the Town limits, with an export pipeline from the Town to the Chico Wastewater Pollution Control Plant (WPCP). Specifically, the Proposed Project would consist of three primary components: Core Collection System, Export Pipeline System, and Extended Collection System. The Core Collection System would collect wastewater from the Town's sewer service area and convey it to the Export Pipeline System at southwestern edge of Paradise on Skyway. The Export Pipeline System includes an 18-mile pipeline that would convey wastewater from the Core Collection System in Paradise down Skyway and across southern Chico to the Chico WPCP. The Extended Collection System is an extension of the Core Collection System that would allow collection of sewage from parcels outside of the Core Collection System but within the Town limits up to the allowed capacity of the system.
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Town of Paradise Paradise Sewer Project
Town of Paradise Paradise Sewer Project
Town of Paradise Paradise Sewer Project