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Caporal Agricultural Reservoir
The project proposes construction of an Agricultural Reservoir on a 38.63 acre parcel with an existing orchard. The Reservoir will have a maximum capacity of approximately 5.07 acre feet and the surface area of the water will be approximately 0.75 acres. The reservoir will be 14 feet deep with a liner covered with 1 foot of soil. The design includes an inlet with a stand pipe and a trash grate that will allow any over flow to travel through an 18” buried pipe approximately 236 feet to a rocked outlet. The pipe will be placed through the embankment of the reservoir. The overflow outlet culvert is sized for a 100-year storm event and the rock in the outlet is sized to ensure runoff leaving the proposed drainage improvement will not have erosive flow velocities. The overflow will empty into Middle Creek. The proposed project will impact approximately 3.69 acres of the 38.63 acre parcel. The estimated volume of excavation is 9,115 cubic yards and 7,359 cubic yards of fill. Fill will be placed adjacent to the reservoir footprint on the site of a future residence. Prior to residential construction, compaction standards will be met. Any additional fill will be spread in the existing orchard. The area of disturbance has historically been managed for Agriculture and until recently was an orchard. The area of disturbance is ruderal and dominated by non-native grasses.
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Lake County Caporal Agricultural Reservoir
Lake County Caporal Agricultural Reservoir