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Sandrini Solar Project by EDPR CA Solar Park, LLC
The Sandrini Solar Project (proposed project or project) as proposed by EDPR CA Solar Park, LLC (project proponent) would allow for the construction and operation of a solar photovoltaic power generating facility and associated facilities that would produce up to 300 megawatt (MW) alternating current (AC) utility-scale solar power with an up to 100 MW of energy storage capacity in the Valley Region of unincorporated Kern County. The proposed project consists of five separate sites (Sites 1 through 5), located on 33 parcels of privately-owned land, totaling approximately 3,469.87 acres; however, it is anticipated that approximately 2,472.89 acres would be utilized (developed) for the construction of the solar panels and permanent facilities and the remaining 996.98 acres would be restricted to use for conservation of habitat (on-site conservation land) and could not be developed. In addition to the photovoltaic solar arrays and associated equipment as proposed, other permanent facilities would be installed as part of the project including service access roads, a power collection system, communication cables, overhead and underground transmission lines, electrical switchyards, two collector substations, inverter stations, an up to 100 MW battery energy storage system, and operations and maintenance (O&M) facilities. The project would be supported by both a 70 kV and a 230 kV overhead and/or underground electrical transmission line(s) originating from two on-site project collector substations and terminating at the PG&E Wheeler Ridge Substation. Both lines would convey electricity back and forth between various phases of the Sandrini Solar project and the larger electrical grid. Any overhead electrical transmission lines may be additionally supported by guy-wires. Additionally, 34.5 kV collector lines would connect the various project components to transmit energy to the larger transmission line system. Implementation of the project as proposed would require: CUP 9, Map #159; CUP 27, Map #160; CUP 28, Map #160; CUP 29, Map #160; CUP 27, Map #161; GPA 2, Map #159 (Circulation); GPA 3, Map #160 (Circulation); GPA 4, Map #161(Circulation); and Williamson Act Land Use Cancellations #21-01, #21-03, and #21-04.
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Kern County Sandrini Solar Project by EDPR CA Solar Park, LLC
Kern County Sandrini Solar Project by EDPR CA Solar Park, LLC
Kern County Sandrini Solar Project by EDPR CA Solar Park, LLC