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PW11-10 Flood Control Channel Reconstruction and Repair
The erosion of the beds and banks are damaging and encroaching on the existing Friendship Park (Pala Community Park [Pala Park]). The City is proposing to let Temecula Creek meander naturally within the vicinity of Pala Park, however, the City is also proposing to protect Pala Park and the recreational fields from future erosion. The project consists of installing a sheet pile wall, approximately 427 feet in length, and an associated anchor system along the northern boundary of the existing soccer field in Pala Park. An impact pile driver will be used to install the sheet pile wall. The sheet pile wall will be driven to a maximum depth of 35-foot below ground surface (bgs). Wall anchors will be placed subsurface to hold the sheet pile wall in place in case Temecula Creek erodes all the way to the sheet pile wall. Any excess materials will be hauled off the site. The project does not propose to remove any trees as part of the project. The project will be constructed during non-nesting season to avoid any biological resource impacts. Staging of construction equipment will be outside of Temecula Creek and located within Pala Park.
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City of Temecula Filing of a Notice of Determination for Long Range Application No. LR21-0957 (PW11-10), Flood Channel Reconstruction and Repair Project located at Friendship Pa
City of Temecula PW11-10 Flood Control Channel Reconstruction and Repair