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Site Approval No. PA-1800315
A Site Approval application to install a manure digester facility on an 18-acre portion of an on a 237.48-acre parcel with an existing diary, Vander Schaaf Dairy #3. The manure digester facility will capture greenhouse gases from manure waste and convert the greenhouse gases to Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). The proposal includes the construction of the following: • a 11,825-square-foot hydrolyzer structure • a 57,600-square-foot digester double-lined covered lagoon • a 5,100-square-foot Livestock Water Recycling structure • a 3,200-square-foot office building • a 1,500-square-foot utility shop • a 5,500-square-foot Livestock Water Recycling equipment area • a 11,000-square-foot Renewable Natural Gas equipment area • a 2,760-square-foot processing and equalization pit • a 7,850-square-foot flare structure • a truck scale • three natural gas genset containers totaling 1,400 square-feet • a temporary manure storage area • a 144-square-foot collection pit • a 1,990-square-foot flush pit • a 2,700-square-foot manure screen separation structure • a 1,900-square-foot bedding drying structure • a manure storage area The RNG will be picked up by outside truck hauling companies 7 days per week. The manure feeding the digester will be supplied by the onsite dairy, Vander Schaaf Dairy #1 located 0.5 miles north of the project site on APN: 203-130-05, and off-site "donor" dairies. Flush water for the project will be pumped from the Vander Schaaf Dairy #1 through the installation of new underground pipes and lift stations across two parcels including APN 203-130-03 & -06, to the Vander Schaaf Dairy #3. The resulting separated solids from the project will be sold as fertilizer and trucked offsite daily. The parcel will be served by an on-site water well, a septic system for waste water disposal, and natural storm drainage. The facility proposes to operate 24 hours per day 7 days per week with 14 truck trips per day, and 4 employees arriving on site in personal vehicles during normal daytime business hours 8 am to 5 pm, 5-days a week. The project site has 2 existing access driveways on S. Murphy Rd, but only the south driveway will be utilized for the project. This parcel is under a Williamson Act contract.
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San Joaquin County PA-1800315 - Site Approval to install a manure digester facility on a portion of a parcel with an existing diary.
San Joaquin County Site Approval No. PA-1800315