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City of Port Hueneme General Plan and Housing Element Update
The General Plan Update involves a comprehensive update of all elements of the existing Port Hueneme General Plan while the LCP Update involves a targeted update of that document aimed primarily at incorporating new requirements pertaining to sea level rise. All General Plan elements will be updated to reflect current conditions, requirements of Government Code Section 65302, and community preferences. Similar to the existing General Plan, the policy document will be organized into elements containing an introduction; issues identification; goals, policies, and implementation actions; and a plan narrative describing the basis for and application of the policies. The General Plan will contain the following elements: Air Quality; Circulation; Conservation, Open Space, and Environmental; Economic Development; Social Equity; Housing; Land Use; Noise; Public Safety and Facilities; Climate Action Plan (CAP) Element; and Local Coastal Program. The Housing Element is a state-mandated part of the City’s General Plan and includes goals, policies, programs and objectives to further the development, improvement and preservation of housing in Port Hueneme in a manner that is aligned with community desires, regional growth projections, and State law. The Housing Element must address how the City will meet its housing needs, including the provision of adequate housing for residents of all income levels. State law requires update of the Housing Element every eight years. Port Hueneme’s Housing Element was last updated in 2013 to cover the 2013-2021 period and the current update will cover the 2021-2029 period. One requirement of Housing Element is to provide adequate housing sites to provide for the City’s share of the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA), which quantifies the need for housing in every region throughout the state and is determined by the California Department of Housing and Community Development. The RHNA is mandated by state law and is meant to inform the local planning process by addressing existing and future housing needs. The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is responsible for allocating the RHNA to each city and county in its region, which includes Port Hueneme. The City has identified six areas to accommodate the City’s RHNA allocation, which consist of sites with existing entitlements, vacant sites, and sites that are underutilized or have the potential for redevelopment.
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City of Port Hueneme City of Port Hueneme General Plan and Housing Element Update
City of Port Hueneme City of Port Hueneme General Plan and Housing Element Update