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Solar Energy Project - Bragg Elementary School
The District proposes to install solar energy panels on two elevated carport-like structure (Structures A and B) at Bragg ES. Structures A and B would be installed along the border line of the turf field and the hardcourts north of the school building. Structures A and B would be a minimum of 10-foot high and comprised of metal columns and beams supporting array panels. Structures A and B would be located side by side, a slightly larger Structure A would be on the west side and Structure B on the east. Structure A would consist of 324 photo-voltaic (PV) modules tilted at 7 degrees angle, and Structure B would consist of 198 PV modules tilted at a 7-degree angle. The structures would connect to an existing electrical equipment box next to a school building in the front of the campus by installing approximately 583 feet of underground conduit through directional boring underneath the turf field, paved hardcourts, and concrete pavement (see Figure 2). Structures A and B would have direct current (DC) system size of 136.080 kilowatts (kW) and 83.169 kW, respectively, for a combined system total of 219.240 kW. The project would also provide underground conduit for installation of car chargers in the future. However, Installation of car chargers require additional funding and would not be installed at this time.
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ABC Unified School District Solar Energy Project - Bragg Elementary School