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10x Genomics Project
The proposal includes: (1) Rezoning the subject parcel from C-R(p) (Regional Commercial - peripheral sites) District to PUD-C-O (Planned Unit Development - Commercial-Office) District; and (2) Planned Unit Development (PUD) Development Plan which would result in the redevelopment of the site for commercial and office uses, R&D, and light laboratory manufacturing for 10x Genomics (Applicant), a biotechnology company headquartered in Pleasanton, California.The proposed project would consist of the following structures: • Building 1: a 2- and 3-story, 150,000-square-foot operations facility building located on the northern portion of the project site; Phase 1 would also include the resurfacing and minor expansion of the existing paved parking lot and construction of additional paved parking • Building 2: up to a 4-story, 115,000-square-foot R&D facility located on the eastern portion of the project site; removal of up to 600 existing surface parking stalls, and construction of a maximum 6-story parking structure. • Building 3: up to a 4-story, 116,062-square-foot R&D facility located on the southeastern portion of the project site. A 36,000 square foot surface parking lot would be constructed south of the parking structure, providing 90 surface parking stalls. The construction of Phase 3 may occur in conjunction with the construction of Phase 2. • Parking structure: a maximum 6-story parking structure would be located on the western portion of the project site, providing 1,168 parking stalls. A surface parking lot south of the parking structure would provide an additional 90 parking stalls at full project buildout. The proposed Planned Unit Development would allow for the square footage of Buildings 2 and 3 to be combined into a single structure. The proposed project would be used for commercial and office uses, R&D, and light laboratory manufacturing. The specific nature of the proposed uses may include highly specialized, technical activities such as R&D, small-scale assembly of instruments, consumables; and software for analyzing biological systems. These activities would occur in clean-room environments that would not involve large- or heavy industrial-scale processes or machinery. Open space improvements, including landscaping and pedestrian walkways, would be provided throughout the site and along the setback of Stoneridge Drive, Springdale Avenue, and Stoneridge Mall Road. At full buildout, the open space improvements would be designed to foster a campus-style character for an estimated 1,280 employees. Phase 1 construction is expected to begin in Fall 2021 and would last for approximately 9.5 months. Phase 2 construction is estimated to be completed by 2025. Phase 3 is estimated to be completed by 2029.
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City of Pleasanton 10x Genomics Project
City of Pleasanton 10x Genomics Project