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King City Roundabout Initial Study MND
The proposed roundabout intersection would alleviate traffic congestion on Broadway Street/San Antonio Drive and San Lorenzo Park Road while also improving access to and from U.S. Highway 101 via the northbound on- and off-ramps. The proposed project is also intended to improve traffic circulation at the intersection thereby reducing vehicle delay during high traffic periods. The proposed project will also accommodate multi-modal transportation and non-motorized vehicle access to crosswalks and sidewalks, thus Improving safety for all users. The proposed roundabout intersection will be designed to accomplish the following objectives: • Reduce congestion at the project intersection and queuing onto the freeway, • Improve safety by simplifying vehicle movements, particularly for northbound off-ramp vehicles and northbound Broadways Street vehicles turning left onto the freeway, • Improve safety for pedestrian, bicycle, and other multimodal transportation users by installing crosswalks with pedestrians' refuges and sidewalks, • Provide an efficient and safe intersection for agriculture trucks, especially when loaded, • Optimize the roundabout size and location to balance right of way constraints with solid roundabout design principles and • Establish a gateway lo Broadway Street and the historic downtown King City
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King City King City Roundabout Initial Study MND
King City King City Roundabout Initial Study MND